Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why My Blog sucks: Diary entry one

Well Honestly It dosen't suck but bad but my posts are here and there? I am being a bit dramatic but It seems the only thing I really Stick to is Micro-bloging(tumblr). Either way its a New Year and I got some goodies up my sleeve.

I just uploaded a my first mix on Its seems like there is always a "new" site that helps keep things organic, until corporate marketing swoops in(please be strong guys!).

Back to the business, this year is gonna be good. Got a great show lined up for Chattanooga TN mid Feb. tba. Also am currently working on shirts, stickers, and coozie for your beers. There is one more minor update I am coming out with a new set of CD's for this year to start things of right. Looking to be 4 in total Should be ready and in hand by mid February. Although I might post a few up early somewhere but will have them in hand in Chattanooga TN.

Much love,

Midnight audio half of "Science Blinding Scinece"